Brand Awareness & Lead Generation
What is IT infrastructure?

What is IT Infrastructure?
One of many “learn” web pages, an SEO initiative to reach audiences in the learning stage of their research.
Role: Content writer

The Founder's Handbook: An introduction to building a blockchain solution

The Founder’s Handbook Third Edition
An eGuide for audiences in the learn stage about creating a blockchain solution.
Role: Content writer

Austin Veg News Blog
A website that provides vegan-related Austin-metro news.
Role: Chief editor

Education, Nurture & Persuasion
Sell more globally… faster.

Sell more globally…faster
A presentation to pitch a new customs compliance optimization platform in the EU.
Role: Content writer

Pen on paper: No project image.

Bluemix nurture campaigns
Helped expand and refine the nurture campaigns into various languages.
Role: Email marketing manager

Pen on paper: No project image.

Email Promotions
Planned, launched and tracked email marketing promotions for the company.
Roles: Email marketing manager & copywriter

Brand Positioning, Confidence Creation & Sales Enablement
Admission Branding & Marketing

Admission Marketing & Branding
Admission marketing and branding materials, from counselor road pieces to direct marketing postcards.
Roles: Art director, graphic designer and co-content writer

Pen on paper: No project image.

How to keep your legacy PeopleSoft application and boost its performance in the cloud
A LinkedIn article, helping prospects move to use the company’s services.
Role: Ghostwriter

Brand Loyalty & Advocacy Encouragement
Where to Vegan Halloween in Austin

Where to Vegan Halloween in Austin
A blog post, publishing user-generated social media posts to drive engagement.
Role: Chief editor

Save your spot!

Save your spot!
A save the date email and flyer for a customer appreciation event at Inforum 2019.
Role: Content writer

Bluemix Newsletter

IBM Bluemix Newsletter
An email newsletter for Bluemix users, providing tips and tricks, and other how-tos.
Role: Email marketing manager, curator and writer

Personal Essays
Where to Vegan Halloween in Austin

‘Green’ Power Pipe Dreams
My reaction to Planet of the Humans, a Michael Moore film.
Role: Writer
Niche: Clean energy & environmentalism

Bluemix Newsletter

An Untold Truth About Cancer
Why we keep losing our loved ones to the big ‘C’ despite knowing what causes it.
Role: Writer
Niche: Health and nutrition

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